NINU is a game changing perfume that can create 100 scents in one bottle by using It`s AI enhanced app:

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The future of perfumes

NINU is a game-changing personal fragrance that creates 100 scents in one bottle by using It`s AI-enhanced app.

Control your scent with your smartphone

Change of season? Travelling? Unexpected date? No problem — just customize the fragrances within the app and spritz away. It’s that easy.

personalised scents

Like a tailor-made suit. Forget about being bored with your fragrance, wear a prestige tailored fragrance that fits exactly you.


Tracks your scent tendencies and suggests certain scents based on time of day, where you’re going, or even your mood.

The only fragrance bottle you will ever need

Keep the NINU for life. Only replace the recyclable carthridges; the app will let you know when anything is running low.


NINU contains different, but complementing bases inside. A patented electronically driven system blends the bases together in various ratios to create dozens of varieties and intensities.

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Wear A PERFECT scent 

The chances are, you don’t feel the same every single day, so why should your smell be any different?

Match fragrances to your unique body chemistry and select a perfume to fit your current mood, occasion, or the weather outside.

Don’t forget when you smell amazing you feel amazing.


Do you have a difficult decision choosing which fragrance to wear to match your outfit or the occasion?

We got you covered in our app you have predefined mixtures made by a team of master perfumers lead by Dominique Moellhausen. If you prefer a more hands-free approach, you can mix and match, play, discover, explore and experiment as much as you want.



We are launching on Kickstarter soon.
Join our list to get access to the biggest discount. Only a limited number available!
Pre-orders will be extended on Indiegogo in demand soon!


Did you buy a fragrance and got bored or disliked it after sometime?

Create your own recipe and save it within your app.  Modify the recipe as your routine evolves. No need to try 100 perfumes, just one that you can modify.

Fragrance design

We’re proud to be collaborating with experts in the world of perfumery – each of NINU’s fragrances are designed by a team of perfume masters lead by Dominique Moellhausen - awarded "Perfumer of the Year" at the 2020 Beautyworld Middle East Awards.
Working with Ninu has been a stimulating experience. The brand has been able to put together science, innovation and olfactive poetry, creating a product that is able to give to the consumer a highly customized perfume.
Dominique Moelhausen

Premium eau de parfum

NINU’s fragrances contain the highest quality raw materials sourced from around the world. Each offers a balanced performance and a notable longevity due to their high concentration of precious fragrance oils.

Users can choose between masculine, feminine, and unisex flavored sets.


Rather than having 10 things on the shelf, you get it down to 1. Replace only the recyclable cartridges and keep the device for LIFE. NINU could well be THE LAST PERFUME BOTTLE YOU WILL EVER NEED.

  • Not all inventions aim to change the world. This one just aims to change how you smell.

  • The fusion of beauty and technology.

  • Ninu is a fresh breeze in perfume industry.

  •’re packing for a vacation and you want to bring multiple fragrances... NINU solves the problem—it’s reinventing fragrance as we know it.

  • Don't settle for just one perfume. The NINU Perfume device emits various different scents you control and customize with your smartphone. 

  • Smart perfume device designed to give users the power to create their own perfumes on demand by mixing and matching scents on their mobile device.

  • Ninu is first of its kind: smart perfume device offering scents on demand. 

  • Ninu offers on-demand scents customized by your iPhone.


Where can I buy NINU?

NINU was firstly available via KICKSTARTER crowdfunding campaign. For those who missed the campaign, NINU will be availabe for preoder via Indiegogo in Demand. After this you will also be able to buy it in a physical store as well as online.

How many fragrance sets are there?

Currently there are 3 fragrance sets available. One for woman, one for man and a unisex one.

Is a battery included and how long does the battery last?

A rechargeable battery is included. The electronic module is rechargeable via the USB-C cable that is included in the order The battery is made to last the whole cartridge set (75ml).

How many sprays can one fragrance set make?

Each fragrance set will have 75ml of perfume. When used in medium intensity, you can spray more 1.000 times!

How many scents can I make with my NINU?

Within one fragrance sets, there are more than 100 options.

How is it possible to make 100 options with only 3 fragrances inside?

NINU uses electronic micro-precision extraction system to get the luxury liquid sprayed out. It has the ability to precisely spray out each of the fragrance in different ratios and in different volume sprayed. The higher the volume settings the more options you have - due to the smallest difference still sensible to be used. For instance, in the high-volume intensity, which means about 0,15ml sprayed out (this is equivalent to about 2x spritz with your regular perfume at home), this means more than 130 ratios options! We can agree that some variances have more subtle differences than others, but even the slightest change in ratios makes a noticeable difference (Example: 10:10:80 vs. 20:10:70 vs 30:10:60)

Can I recharge the fragrances themselves?

When you empty a fragrance set. You can keep the design, the actual NINU fragrance device, and only insert a new fragrance set. You can recycle the used fragrance set.

Where can I get the app?

App is not available yet. But it will be available in the App store, App galery and Play store before NINU`s are shipped.

Will app only be in English or will other languages be available?

We will be translating the app into all major world languages!

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is an important tool for teams like ours to be able to execute on products and visions we otherwise just couldn't. It's a crowdfunding platform that enables creative teams to take on capital intensive projects by taking early pre-orders in forms of pledges which cover the costs of manufacturing.

How can I connect to NINU?

You need the NINU app installed on your smartphone and then connect via Bluetooth.

Most Innovative Perfume Product of 2021
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