NINU team story

We’ve spent the last 4 years developing and perfecting the idea that was born one summer day in Bled, where we’ve been inspired by the man who was one of the greatest Slovenian innovators, transcending time and space, leaving a permanent imprint on the world of perfumery - mr. Peter Florjančič.

We tested practically every technology on the market. Investigated what already existed. We looked into 3D printing, medical equipment, car industry, aquarium water tech, other perfumes…all sorts of types of extraction systems. Tangled with the pressure. Varied the voltage. Changed the materials, added and took away special valves. Tried multiple activation systems like the capacitive one. Tested hundreds of spraying nozzles and dozens and dozens of batteries. Made a special circuit board to drive everything. After nearly 2 years of development, countless trials and fails, too many sleepless nights  - we made the first electronically driven prototype that was touch activated and produced a perfect perfume mist in 2019.

Touch activated prototype from 2019.

Multiple fragrance prototype with app connection.

We've upgraded the prototype with multiple containers and an app. We decided to protect our new invention with and filed a patent application. Everything worked great so we decided to check the potential of the device. We exhibited the prototypes in major fragrance expos in Monaco and Paris, where we got to know the most important names and most novel products of the industry. We received phenomenal feedback and saw that nothing like our product really exists on the market.

We particularly saw huge potential in the mixing of the fragrance’s device and therefore decided to visit Paris. There we checked out some of the famous perfume-making schools, and got to see and test some of the fragrance mixing options. We got to smell a completely different perfume when we only changed the ratio of ingredients by a droplet or two! One of the big takeaways was also how fun it was to mix different ratios of fragrances!

Presentation by founder Marko in Monaco expo 2019.

Founders at Perfume making school in Paris.

Our mission was set! To make perfumes more playful, fun and personable. Make the selection process fun, enjoyable and easy. And we did it!
At the time our device was quite big. From there we rigorously pushed our developers to make the device smaller and smaller until we made it small enough to fit in any purse! We came up with a product that reimagines personal fragrance, revolutionizes the technically-sleeping perfume industry and makes a tribute to Florjančič’s legacy. And this is just the beginning.

The best smelling team!

Our team pools together a wealth of experience from the world’s best in the field of perfumery, design and some of the most knowledgeable tech experts. Which comes as a very nifty combo.

We come from two neighbouring countries and are a colourful blend of three generations bonding the best from the past and freakiest future industry shakers. Our team has travelled countries and continents to learn about the craft, the problem and create a winning team.

NINU core team, sadly Covid-19 trimmed some members from the photoshot, but you can get to know a few of us :)

The founders of NINU are Marko Matijević and Simon Mohorovič. We are overlooking the whole project with our professional experience and formal business degree. Founders already together launched two business and successfully exited one. Simon promised his wife the best perfume in the world. Looks like he wasn’t kidding.

David Ilar is our head software and technology guy and is a certified machine learning expert. Aleš Jazbec is our developer, he worked on 4th Pillar and the AIRPOD. Tajda Kužner is our blog writer and community manager, has great experience working for a big marketing agency - the PM agency.

Tina Potočnik is a phenomenal graphical design assistant that created visual identities for numerous large-scale clients like the European parliament, Medex, Sportina Group, EXOR ETI.

The “Irish guy” Ethan Grant is handling our PR and does text proofing. Anže Bitenc loves hi-tech and beautiful design, he is also our brand and social media manager.

Simon promised his wife the best perfume in the world. Looks like he wasn’t kidding.

Then there are dozens of other, external, team members without which NINU wouldn`t be possible. The ones to mention are – the Italian design team from Premi s.r.l. where Andrea Ucchino is head of design.

The fragrances are made by fragrance experts lead by Dominique Moellhausen of the Milano based Moellhausen s.p.a.

And there is the video and photo crew, all the technical engineers, advisors, intellectual property experts and other…it is a big project even before the launch.

We love getting up every day and improving NINU! We are all happy for all the great feedback and also the criticism! We can`t wait for the day that you receive your NINU.