The right scent for the right occasion

August 10, 2021

Life is filled with occasions that add variety and change to our worlds. And for every occasion you choose the right shoes, the right outfit, even the right hairstyle. So why should your fragrance be selected with anything less than the same diligence?

With thousands of different fragrances on today’s market, choosing the right scent can be extremely difficult. This is your guide to sniffing out the best for every situation.

Moments (photo: Unsplash)


“For work, choose a balanced fragrance that doesn’t dominate the air space in the office. Something light with an aromatic undertone will do the job.”

The workplace is one of the places where you spend most of your time. Therefore, it’s important to choose a perfume that is fresh and lasts long enough to carry out the long meetings. It’s important to note that not all your colleagues might be comfortable with your perfume. So, choose a balanced fragrance that doesn’t dominate the air space in the office. Something light with an aromatic undertone will make the airspace around you fresh, without causing your desk neighbour any headaches. In other words, opt for subtle smells, like citrus. Or if your job is more of a formal nature, go for something with a sense of dignity and depth, a fragrance with a hint of spice, musk or wood. You could also go for the complex floral scents like narcissus or orchid to give an extra range or character. However, avoid perfumes with candy-like smell, which aren’t appropriate for formal occasions.

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“Try something like honey, vanilla, coffee, chocolate or musky scents. Orientals could also be appropriate.”

Gourmand and sultry scents like honey, vanilla or chocolate fare better when the air is cooler. But your choice of perfume here might differ based on the event. So, if you’re going out with friends after a long day at work, you might want to try a nostalgic fragrance like vanilla, coffee or cocoa, which will help you relax. For date nights, especially if it’s your first date, you might want to choose a fragrance that is associated with confidence like sweet, woody, spicy or musky. It will help you spark romance while maintaining the avant-garde edge. For a night out with your significant other, you can pick a perfume that you both enjoy.

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“Apply floral and bright perfumes like sandalwood, cherry blossom, jasmine, lavender or rose. “

A wedding is a big celebration, so don’t be afraid to go all out. Everyone should be having fun and this is the right time to go all out. Your fancy perfume should be the most evocative of your collection, the perfume that smells how you feel when you’re at your best. That is why steer clear of eau de toilettes and colognes in this instance, you want the longevity and quality of eau de parfum. Special occasions like a wedding or anniversary are certain to offer the time to experience the floral and bright perfumes. Floral fragrances often include ingredients like sandalwood, cherry blossom, jasmine, lavender and rose. 

Wedding party (photo: Unsplash)


“Go with the clean fresh or aquatic scents like the ones from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree, Sicilian lemon, coconut or jasmine.”

A beach-day fragrance should be a fresh and subtle one. You go to the beach when the weather is good and the temperatures are high. This means that humidity is also higher. You don’t want to have an overpowering or sweet fragrance when the humidity is high. Go with a clean fragrance that smells fresh or aquatic. These two scents compliment both the high temperatures and the beach itself. Scents extracted from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree, as well as notes like Sicilian lemon and jasmine, are essentially a summer holiday in a bottle. However, if you’re going to the beach, wouldn’t coconut or aquatic scents be perfect? Have in mind that it’s always a good idea to just pay attention to the local vibe and then choosing your potion. You’ll mostly end up picking floral, fruity and citrusy fragrances because they just blend seamlessly with vacation vibes. And who cares if it’s raining outside, right?

Summer party (photo: Unsplash)


“Pick something like woodland, smoky scents of firewood, countryside walks and wood-burning stoves. We suggest vanilla, cinnamon or tonka bean.”

For approaching cosy winter holidays gravitate towards woodland, smoky scents that evoke chopped firewood, countryside walks and wood-burning stoves. The sweetness brought by notes of vanilla, cinnamon or tonka bean will warm your neck and make you feel all cosy and magical. The sweet, powdery, dark and warm base note of oriental family fragrances will bring you a magical winter you’ll love. A wintery concoction like this will add a certain romance to your short stay away whilst also narrating the season in a poetic manner. Next winter, when you come back to it, you’ll be whisked straight back to a roaring fireside.

Winter holyday (photo: Unsplash)


“Opt for lighter and airy fragrances like citruses, herbs, sea breeze or light florals.”

A gym fragrance should be a very, very subtle fragrance. When working out, breathing is very important, so you don’t want to wear a heavy for particularly sweet fragrance. You definitely can wear one to the gym, just make sure it’s very light and subtle. Fragrances for outdoor activities are basically a mix of work and summer fragrances. The fragrance should go well with higher body temperatures. And because you’re doing a physical activity, you don’t want to shove your fragrance down to anyone who is trying to breathe. Just keep in mind, more is less in this case.

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