The power of fragrance: health benefits

January 15, 2021

Today, we think of scents and perfumes first and foremost as a beauty accessory. But millennia ago, perfumes served a much deeper purpose, being prized and valued in both medicine and religious rituals.

Essential oils (Photo: Lavandertouch)

Any modern perfume maker or chemist agrees that creating a perfume is not just about mixing and matching scents. It requires a deep understanding of chemistry and its processes to strike a delicate balance that creates the perfect synergy of scents.

Fragrances can reduce stress, improve sleep, self-confidence, and overall performance.”

Scent nurtures the senses

For millennia, humanity has believed in the power of fragrance, using it in physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Aromatherapy was, and still is, a method of using essential oils and scents to naturally alleviate many problems, from depression and anxiety to digestive issues, headaches, pain, insomnia, and skin problems.

Essential oils (Photo: Kaleandcaramel)

And science agrees: scents have an important effect on our mood, stress, and even our work performance. Studies show that fragrances can reduce stress, improve sleep, self-confidence, and overall performance.