The force of fragrance-attraction

January 19, 2021

Imagine the smell of your favourite flower. Or freshly-baked cookies. Think about the smell of perfume on the skin of a person you love. The scent of oranges, or pine trees, and salty air.

How does it make you feel? 

Little pleasures and memories (Photo: Alarmy)

Your mind gets flooded with pictures, memories associated with those scents. It not only takes you back to the moment but even evokes feelings; the love you feel for the person, the feeling of being happy, relaxed, at home.

This is the power of fragrance.

“Smell and memory have a deep physiological connection, which makes the smell a deeply intimate sense.”

Happyness, satisfaction and homey feeling (Photo: The spruce eats)

A deep connection

Our minds can create strong emotional connections between a moment or an experience and a scent that accompanied it. 

The part of our brains responsible for interpreting what our nose detects interacts directly with the part involved in creating new memories. In other words, smell and memory have a deep physiological connection, which makes the smell a deeply intimate sense.

Our experiences in life shape our unique scent identity; the fragrances that attract us and make us feel good, and which evoke unpleasant feelings.

“Scent helps us find »the one«”.

Love goes through the nose

It turns out that scent does even more – like help us find »the one«. Each person has a unique body scent, which is the result of our immune system. And our nose is an expert guide helping us find partners whose scent is as different from our own as possible. Why different? Because in their offspring, this combination results in a strong immune system! 

Love (Photo: Pixabay)

All of those benefits illustrate the value of perfumes in your life. Far beyond just a beauty accessory, perfumes can be our daily motivator, confidence booster, or create a relaxing aura helping us to unwind.

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