NINU is a game-changing perfume. Use it`s patented system to costumise your fragrance with endless combinations. All in one bottle.

The future of perfumes

Change of season? Travelling? Unexpected date?

No problem — just switch between
fragrances within the app. It’s that easy.

Ninu is a fresh breeze in perfume industry.


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Modern and sleek design…with a secret

Perfect balance between beauty and cutting edge technology. Hidden within in the high-end italian design is an innovative system designed to bring perfumery to the next level.

The latest patent-pending tech powering high-end perfumes.

The fusion of beauty and technology.


The world’s first portable, digital fragrance device! NINU can mix fragrances on-the-go and deliver precise extraction of perfume mixes to the user at a touch of a button.

NINU contains 3 complementing fragrances - that can be blended together in different ratios to create dozens of variaties and intensities. Change up a component to explore endless new combinations. 

Improve your scent and your mood!

Every day is filled with different moods and experiences – some days that means feeling confident or sensual, and other days playful and carefree. Reflect on how you feel at any moment by having an array of perfumes to choose from.

Simple to use

Find a fragrance within NINU (intensity, actual scent) that suits you at a touch of a button. Forget about being bored with your perfume and wear the right fragrance for your personality.

Control your scent with your smartphone

The APP is your insight into the perfume world of NINU. Enhanced by AI, it’s designed to learn and propose new fragrance suggestions based on your usage.


The only fragrance bottle you will ever need

Keep the design for life - NINU works with three elements of eau de parfum bottled in recyclable materials that can be replaced; the app will let you know when anything is running low. The cartridges are both made of recyclable materials and can be recycled themselves. 


Ninu is first of its kind: smart perfume device offering scents on demand. 

What is your vibe today?

You are not always in the same mood. You don’t always have the same vibe. Some days you’re feeling confident, some days sensual and otherdays playful and carefree. Reflect on how you feel by having an array of perfumes to choose from inside NINU.





Fragrance design

We’re proud to be collaborating with experts in the world of perfumery – each of NINU’s fragrances are designed by a team of perfume masters lead by Dominique Moellhausen - awarded "Perfumer of the Year" at the 2020 Beautyworld Middle East Awards.

Working with Ninu has been a stimulating experience. The brand has been able to put together science, innovation and olfactive poetry, creating a product that is able to give to the consumer a highly customized perfume.”

Dominique Moelhausen

Premium eau de parfum

With new technology can come shortcuts – and in our case we want to do things with authenticity. NINU’s fragrances contain the highest quality raw materials sourced from around the world. Each offers a balanced performance and a notable longevity due to their high concentration of precious fragrance oils.

Wear the right scent 

Wearing the right perfume for the right occasion makes a world of change. Whether that’s a subtle confidence boost while feeling sensuous, a fresher perfume in the summer, or an intense and spicy aroma in the winter. Change to a lighter potency for the office or enhance the mix before a night out.

With NINU you can take complete control over your scent!


Meet scents to win hearths and influence people

Users can choose from 3 different sets:

  • Set for HER are floral scented fragrances with an artiful combination of gourmand and pleasing fruity notes
  • Set for HIM - aromatics combined with woody accords, that don’t shy away from deligthful touches of sweetnes and gourmand.
  • UNISEX set is lighter on sweetness and flowery notes than the feminine and softer on aromatics from the masculine version.


We are launching on Kickstarter soon.
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NINU’s App is the insight into your perfume world

There are several ways to blend the fragrances: suggestions based on where you are going or how do you want to feel, the AI enhanced auto mode, which takes into account your personal preference, occasions, weather and more…, or explore the NINU lab where you can manually change the scents and become an olfactory composer.

Create your personal scent collection and share it with your friends, explore tailored scent suggestions, and learn about the fragrances along with their scent usage statistics.


Even though we put extensive efforts into designing a premium perfume bottle and assembling the best of tech, it is really a secondary matter. The most important are the fragrances themselves.

Most Innovative Perfume 

Product Of 2021

What makes NINU SMART?

NINU is powered by a patented electronically driven system featuring a Micro-Precision Extracting system with non-contamination fusion and an AI ENHANCED app. NINU offers a bespoke perfumery experience at your fingertips to suit any moment.


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  • Not all inventions aim to change the world. This one just aims to change how you smell.

  • The fusion of beauty and technology.

  • Ninu is a fresh breeze in perfume industry.

  •’re packing for a vacation and you want to bring multiple fragrances... NINU solves the problem—it’s reinventing fragrance as we know it.

  • Don't settle for just one perfume. The NINU Perfume device emits various different scents you control and customize with your smartphone. 

  • Smart perfume device designed to give users the power to create their own perfumes on demand by mixing and matching scents on their mobile device.

  • Ninu is first of its kind: smart perfume device offering scents on demand. 

  • Ninu offers on-demand scents customized by your iPhone.


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